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Fit4Baby Free Prenatal Fitness Open House

Fit4Baby® is a prenatal fitness program that teaches women how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. The 60-minute class is interval based, combining elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises, stretching and stability. Enjoy some moments of peaceful meditation at the end of class, allowing you special time to connect with your baby. Fit4Baby is targeted for women at all stages of their pregnancy.


What do I need?

Each participant must acknowledge they have received their Physician’s clearance prior to participating. They must also get a signed form at their next doctor's visit. You will receive this form upon registration for class. Prenatal classes are for mom only so there is no childcare available. Make sure to bring a mat or towel and plenty of water.

When can I start?

You can begin as soon as you discover you are pregnant! We help you modify your workouts to prepare your body for upcoming changes and accommodate your growing baby. With your Physician’s approval, you can safely continue taking class through your delivery date.

Should I exercise during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of beauty and wonder. It can also be a time of discomfort and trial…keeping your body strong and fit can make this time in your life more enjoyable. It can also speed your labor, delivery and recovery. Exercise is an important component to your pregnant well being, as well as your strength as a new mom. Consistency is most important with your exercise program. Find exercises you enjoy and can continue at moderate intensity.

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